Today I did Hip Hop Make-up for a young lady for a dance recital

I’ll post pictures later

Here’s some text to show how to post.


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I love everything makeup and hair design work! Ask me questions that you always wanted to know.
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4 Responses to Today I did Hip Hop Make-up for a young lady for a dance recital

  1. Diane says:

    Wow, I am so impressed…radio, and a blog. What a great Idea, are you being interviewed, or just sharing, or taking calls, or…? We must connect…soon.

  2. susan says:

    Hey! I wish I knew how to listen to your blog radio show. I’ll see if Mary Railey can show me how when I see her next week at the Beach. You know I am no good at this computer but I will try! Hope all is well. Love, Susan

    • Hey back! Go to my web site and it is on the front page. Just click and you will get there. I am told that the first 5 min are boring but it gets interesting after that. Let me know what you think and you don’t need to be kind! I am so not good at this computer that I couldn’t figure out how to find your question and answer it….ha…you are the first! I know how now! May have a webinar sometime in the near future…wooohoo. All is well. Another car died and we replaced it. Work is good, have 9 commercial shoots lined up for the near future.

      Take care Susan

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